Silly Thoughts

I have a lot of fleeting thoughts that pass through my mind. Here are some I've written down: Moths are like butterflies that color blind people can appreciate. Saying that some infinities are bigger than other infinities is like saying that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Chickens are so awesome … Continue reading Silly Thoughts

Recent Events in My Life(Generally Small to Large)

I finally snowed this year. We got about two inches yesterday. It's almost all melted now, but I had fun. I also got a chance to wear my ushanka hat that my dad gave me as a gift. It looks like this: No one is paying me, but I strongly recommend one of those hats(they're amazingly … Continue reading Recent Events in My Life(Generally Small to Large)

English Class Sofas

I've noticed that several English classes in my school have a reading corner filled with books and a sofa, but I never have enough time to kick back and read them carefreely. That's probably because I take hours to choose a suitable book to read.


I've always wanted to start scrap booking, and for a while I thought I had. I called it my "portfolio of sentimentally important things" (but I'm thinking about a name change.) Looking online though, everyone's definition of scrap booking is completely different from mine, because while they have books with lovely font, paper and photographs, … Continue reading Scrapbooking