What Girl Scouting has taught me

Since I made this blog to earn my badge in webdesign I thought, “Hey,  might as well start here!”

Aside from making me realize what a noob I am at technology in general, Girl Scouting has taught me lots of things. I won’t go into the more philosophical things, like “I’ve learned kindness”, or “I’ve learned to take care of people”, because, thank goodness, there are so many ways to learn things like that.

Those phrases by them selves are so generic, they can apply to just about any hobby/situation, which is good, because good things can be learned from doing almost everything, but that also means that it won’t do justice to the organization I’ve been part of for a little more than 1/4 of my life: just trying to keep it practical here.

I’ve learned how to be patient around small children.

This is a big one. There are many people out there who can’t stand small children, but when you’re one of the oldest Girl Scouts in town, you have to get along with your peers, regardless of age. Never forget that everyone was once in the one digits too.

I’ve learned to sell things

Our troop is small, living in a town of about 3,500 people. Many of the people can’t afford to buy cookies for $4 a box, and “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” is met with “Oh, I would sweetie, but I don’t have any money.” So between those who couldn’t afford it and that one group of people who don’t know that there are Girl Scouts in our town, there was some serious friendly competition to sell cookies. We networked through parents work places and community gatherings like churches or festivals.

I am not a very high seller, but I try sell what I can by myself. This works, because some people buy only directly from a Girl Scout who trying, and not their parents. Also, I’m older now, many of my friends can pull out their wallets and buy their own food. Yep. My fundraising network is small, but just fine.

I’ve learned to give thanks

I have, and I’ve learned that a sincere “Thank you” is one of the best things I can give anyone. Thank you troop leader/parents/teachers/friends, etc. I have many things to be grateful for.




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