Marching Band: Beginnings

We had no band teacher during my 5th grade year, my friend (let’s call her L) and I bemoan the fact that our instrument skills would be way better if we had one. During our 5th and 6th grade years everyone in the grade was required to pass through every middle school elective. (art, band, p.e, choir [they were okay]) We just had a long term sub during our 5th grade year. We had a teacher during our 6th grade year, Mr. T, and the high school director came over to help then and the next year, but we just tested instruments to see which one we should play.

We had the same man during our 7th grade year. We were split into woodwinds and brass. People argue that our 7th grade year didn’t really count, because although Mr. Shoe, the high school director, mentioned above, did most of the teaching for brass, Mr. T taught woodwinds and was the teacher at the time. Mr. T, was a really nice, easygoing person, but this clashed with the loud rowdy boys in the brass class (who didn’t even join band the next year) who spent their time going around doing crazy, dumb things behind his back. Sometimes in front of his back. (wait, how does that work?)

Like all crazy, dumb things, they make great stories for later, as long as nobody ends up maimed or dead. Here’s one I remember clearly.

Once the band boys took out one of the CD’s in the back of a music book and were throwing it around the room like a Frisbee. It hit the wall and chipped, but they kept going. This ended with the CD hitting the wall and shattering into a gazillion sharp, shiny, shards that littered the tile floor. They got in trouble, of course. 

(That makes a really good tongue twister, actually.)

I’m sitting here shaking my head and smiling. It’s still funny looking back at it. My school years ere some good times.


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