A Guide to Smalltown Football Games

Football games are a big part of small town life, and I can happily say that I have spent some good Thursday and Friday nights at them. There are bright lights and music and cheering. Also junk food.

Since I’ve never played football, nor am I just another member of the regular laymen audience, what I am giving you is an insiders perspective from my vantage point.

The Game- The players are from schools in arranged conferences, which aren’t necessarily, nearby. (i.e. 2-3 hour bus rides to other schools with the senior high band.) (We get home late, but I’m not complaining because it’s fun)  

You’ll find it funny (and/or sad) that I don’t really know much about football. Hear me out,  my family doesn’t really watch football, and because our team hasn’t won a game in several seasons, I haven’t had much motivation to learn much about football either. I should though, and the whole town hopes and prays for that rousing win that will bring back the all consuming excitement of Friday night football.

Marching band-Football and marching band go hand in hand, like yin and yang, complementary and opposite things.(There are a lot of things like that; maybe I’ll write about some of them someday.)

Unlike the current Superbowl, there are no celebrities preforming, so your trusty marching band will play music and march(sr.high) for you to enjoy while you try to beat the lines to concession.

The ___(whatever at the moment) grade band in its infancy will probably look like the photo above. We’re standing as we play our music, because we haven’t learned to properly march yet. That’s my grade, playing at a junior high game on a Thursday. Friday is reserved for Senior High (9-12), where the band travels with the team to away games.

Junk food- America is famous for our unhealthy foods and strange ways (units of measurement, fast food, American Football) In this sense there are few things more American than a football game, and when I’m done wiping away the patriotic tears it brings to my eyes and the face-paint washing off because of it, after my throat heals from all that yelling, I will tell you.^◡^

The junk food at all the fields in my state seem pretty much the same. Pizza, Hamburgers, Nachos, candies of all sorts. But my home town has deep fried Oreo’s, and because of the philanthropic fundraising efforts of one of the parents of the band, our concession stand also carries egg rolls, cooked or frozen!

Other Things- Did you know that there are many different kinds of bleachers? Some have open gaps in the fronts, backs, both or are completely closed. (The completely closed ones are best, because stuff doesn’t fall through) Some school stadiums have hammocks behind the bleachers too. Other schools even have separate, roofed stands for the band, we don’t, but we have closed bleachers so it’s okay.

Whew. That’s it. Right here in just about a whole afternoon, here is just about everything I know about the games. (I could go even further, but it already feels a little like serving up a slice of my soul to be picked over by unappreciative diners.[No offense to you obviously very tasteful followers ;)]

Me, blogging.

Thanks for reading.



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