Brief trip description

So I reached my grandmother’s house in Thailand. It’s seems a bit empty ever since she passed away. I spent a few days in Krabi, but it’s the rainy season and it rained and there were really high waves. The first day we visited 1 island out of the 4 before we were stuck on a park ranger station on another island to wait out the storm.

There are monkeys on the islands, living up there among the trees, undisturbed. They are there in other parts of Krabi also.

The second day the gasoline fumes from the speedboat’s engine were so terrible, my mom and multiple other passengers threw up. Repeatedly.

It was funny. Also, the beaches were beautiful. The islands are these tall vertical cliffs that stick up out of the ocean. There are also the same vertical cliff mountains on the mainland, sticking up randomly out of the sides of the roads.

This one day, we went to Tiger Cave, a Buddhist temple built into a cave in the side of a really tall mountain. There was a large statue of the Buddha on the top, but I ran out of time before I could climb all 1,237 steps up the side of a mountain, but I had already climbed over 300 before I realied what those red numbers on the railings meant. I climbed 520 in all. The view was amazing, it looked like something out of Avatar. Or should I say that that movie looked like the view?

One day I will head back there to that place and climb all the way to the top.

I have a bunch of cousins here in Meungded (translates to Ded Town). I might get to stay with a few when my mother goes to the city on for family purposes.

Sorry for the choppy writing, but it’s hard to have motivation to write beautifully when you’re not sure if anyone actually reads your writing. (Thanks, by the way, if you’ve made it this far) Also, I just wanted to jot down stuff before I forgot.


2 thoughts on “Brief trip description

  1. Hey Sonya! I’ve just found out your blog. and yeah, it’s sound so interesting to read through yr writing. You keep every details so well!! You can remember even numbers of the ladder! Thumb up. Haha ^O^

    How are u right now? Don’t forget to take care yrsf and plz tell your mom and dad that we are missing them so.


    P’Cute & P’Peace


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