School Campus:Agri’ Building

Some things you just take for granted, like having a beautiful school campus. My town has one, but I’ve been here for years and I sometimes forget to appreciate it. I’m only reminded of its beauty when I see the grounds of other schools that are either bad feng shui wise, or are in weird locations, like right in the middle of a suburb, flanked by walking strangers and barraged by dogs barking at the football game.

I’m not a fully studied expert on feng shui, but I think there is truth to it, like how looking at some buildings makes one uncomfortable.

Yesterday, I was going to band rehearsal after traveling on said vacation in previous post. I noticed that a new shed had been built directly in front of this nice little house that we drove past everyday. I could no longer see that little house, and it felt a little unsettling.

After that, I reached the band room at 5 till half past three, so I was a little early. The door was unlocked, but there was nobody there. I was confused, so I talked to the new choir director, and asked him about the band director.

Later he(band) told me that there were no rehearsals on Wednesdays because it interfered with everyone’s church schedules, so yeah. I got my trumpet and I was stuck there for the next 2 and 1/2 hours because my dad just dropped me off and my mom was supposed to pick me up after work.

I headed outside and did what I always do with time to spare on campus: I wandered around like a zombie, looking at grass and things. I walked towards the elementary playground and climbed the fence because I was too lazy to go around. I tore a small hole in my shorts because it caught on the fence. I kept poking myself in the leg through it as I swung on the swing. Far away, I saw a person walking a sheep near the agriculture building, where they kept the farm animals.

The names of the farm animals:

1 Black Cow: Humphrey

2 Sheep (twins): Shaun and Shauna

1 adorable goat(younger sibling’s): Yoshi

2 (stubborn) goats: Bunny and ???

1 sow

3 other pigs

I hesitated and then set off for it, because I had never been there and had plenty of time to spare. I saw a color-guard flag and knew who it was over there. The Custer siblings showed me around the building, introduced the farm animals, and answered the questions I asked. They were there to help the sow give birth, but the teacher said that it probably wouldn’t happen till the weekend. I told him that I was looking around because I had never been there before and he said I was welcome to. Then he left.

Older Custer: “Do you want to walk a goat?”       Me: “What? Yes.”

After much effort, the older sibling impromptu lassoed a stubborn goat with no name by its back leg. She got the goat out of the pen with much effort. We didn’t walk very far because the goat refused to move.

“Hey you know what’d be funny?”  Younger Custer: “What?”  “If some oblivious city people drove by and were all like “That is one strange looking dog.”  “Some people kind of do that already, they were over there and they said ‘Why is she walking that sheep?!’ I need to go show my animal, he needs exercise!”

The older Custer gave me the lead for Shaun, the sheep, (named for the cartoon) and took the goat. The goat was doing these really high jumps and sometimes landing flat on its back.

“You know what? I’mma name this goat ‘Rabbit’.”     “Why ‘Rabbit’, because it jumps?”      “Yeah.”       “Is this goat a girl or a boy, anyway?”        “It’s a girl.”    “‘Bunny’ then, I’ll name her ‘Bunny’.” “Bunny the goat!” ^_^ 

After they put Bunny back in the pen, they walked around the back and ran around the corral where Humphrey was, because he would run alongside them.

“Whew! And that’s why I don’t sport.”   “Is that a verb now? :)”     “Yes.”    “Yes, I’ve been saying that all summer.”

It was a beautiful day and the sky was blue. The green grass stretched to the side of the highway and the tree line that separated the Rice home from the school.

You know what? I need a camera for Christmas.



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