School Year

I’ve been in school all my life, in fact, my year mentally starts in fall. What saddens me slightly is that I don’t have all that many left. Soon, very soon, my sibling and I will leave our home and go out into the world and experience all of its soul-crushing lack of morality, its loud opinionated people, its uncaringness- yet its quiet wonders, and poignant moments.

Who am I kidding? That is so open to interpretation. It’s like art, just depending on who likes it. Who can say whether a piece of art is good or bad? You could probably measure it according to how many people like it or if you’re aiming for a certain technique you could critique it according to how well it was carried out.

This is one reason why I know I will never go into art, I feel like it depends too much on the judge.

Anyway, this new school year looks pretty nice, some of the people I talked to have moved classes though, so I won’t see much of them, and it may be the last year I have at this school. I hope that we win a football game. I hope that I find my talent in something.


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