Marching Band: 9th grade

I’m so excited for the first football game this Friday! It’s been a whole year since our last show. :’) *sheds happy/sad tear* I’d put a video here, but my current plan (free) doesn’t support that. So here’s a link to last year’s show,  

For you marching band/curious people, I’ll describe and critique the show here. So You Think You Can Dance?: Party Rock Anthem, an Uptown Funk/Gangnum Style mashup, ending with Thriller. I loved this show! We’re not a very large band, at the time(this hasn’t really changed) we had only about 40 people and 3 color guard members, and it’s hard to wow people because the effects you can pull with that many people aren’t usually that impressive, but the crowd whistled and cheered whenever we started to dance, because dancing sells. 😉 I’m pumped for this year!


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