My View on Inanimate Objects

I think that inanimate objects don’t have feelings. They are used to serve a function or express a feeling. I think that personification is such a human thing to do, we have feelings, we assume everything else is the same way, when it probably isn’t. Even animals don’t have as complex of feelings as us, although there are individual exceptions, I’m sure.

Even so, our treatment of inanimate objects is not completely meaningless because we can tell a lot about a person or a group of people by watching how they treat and handle inanimate objects. Slamming down a glass and putting feet up on the table, or smashing things for fun, or putting googly eyes on a coat rack, these different acts all show the character of the person who does them.

It might not be a very romantic or artistic description, but even from a practical point of view the relationship between people and inanimate objects speaks volumes.



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