Things we waste: Words

I’m calling you to tell you that you’ve reached your limit of words for this month.
Please stop talking.

We waste words

We talk so much about things that don’t matter

Quantity relates to value,
The more of something we have the less valuable it is seen as
This isn’t right

I’m concerned about how underappreciated words are

“I LOVE (insert word here)”
“F*** (insert word here)”
“That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”

What have you done?
You’ve used the word “love” on a shirt
“F***” on dropping something
You called a sandwich “the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen”

What are going to say when
you truly care about someone or something
you are hell-bent on revenge (I hope never)
you try to describe something ________

Oh look.
I can’t even think of a word with that magnitude of meaning

Maybe we should talk less, but say more with the words we do use.

Does that sound about right?


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