Recent Events in My Life(Generally Small to Large)

I finally snowed this year. We got about two inches yesterday. It’s almost all melted now, but I had fun. I also got a chance to wear my ushanka hat that my dad gave me as a gift. It looks like this: No one is paying me, but I strongly recommend one of those hats(they’re amazingly  warm and soft!) but don’t be afraid to return it because once one was bought that had fur falling out in clumps.

Also, I have gotten hooked on polandball comics and have made a reddit account just to follow that subreddit.

I might be moving to a different school, and that will take some adjusting to. I’ll miss the country, not so much the people. I just hope that wherever we go I’ll be able to have a trampoline. That almost makes up for all the lost real estate.





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