Today, I gorged myself on fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, chocolate cake, and lemonade at the band banquet. I went alone, because it was just handing out inside joke certificates, gifts for the seniors, and the band slide show. The year is coming to an end and I am sad about it.

That’s not all.

I have good news. I have been accepted to a more competitive high school for the next two years of my education. I have bad news. I will leave my small town.

I have probably described my small town before, but I write so seldom, I will go ahead and do it again. My town is about 3,000 people strong, and is kept alive by being the biggest in its small county. A major highway passes through the town, keeping it from becoming too stagnant. It’s peaceful and has a beautiful school campus. My town hides in plain sight. Unless you directly search for us we won’t be found on the internet. You might have driven right past us. We are not listed on any compilation list on any website (that I know of), but we are here, and I believe and hope that we will stay here for a really long time, more or less the same.

I’ve mentioned before about my friends, class of 20**, and how we are growing apart. There are about 120 of us. I know almost everyone and there are no sociopaths in my grade, there is no one evil. They’ve been good to me. Not all of them friends, but people to lean on if I’m sad, and they lean back too if they need to. Small town perks.

I’ll miss them. We’ll head our separate ways. They won’t go far, most will want to stay around here, so I can probably find them even after many years. But I can’t type forever, I need to go bathe, so here is my list of good byes, but the categories overlap, because of the town size.


The town and the people : I am so glad to have grown up here. I have never felt unsafe or hated, so thank you for that. I will miss all of the places where I used to run around, the churches, the Boys and Girls Club, the football field, the nature trail, downtown, everywhere.

A town is only as good as its people. Most of you believe in God, so I want him to bless you. I plan on coming back to visit.

Band & Track: My two great loves. Hailey knows what I’m talking about. Band, I will miss the feel of playing in harmony as a group, and marching. Track, I am saddened that I never truly learned to high jump or run my besterest, but I did get some pretty ribbons for my bag, so I am happy about that. I could always play trumpet, but maybe I will have to join an adult track team in the future.

Good night.


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