Camp-out photos

The other day I camped out with a bunch of other girl scouts at an amusement park near where I live. You’ll notice that I am vague about where I live and the school I attend, but I’ll probably post a picture soon, and that will give away the location of it anyway. I love that place, and I’ve been there dozens of times.

I also love the photos that I snapped on my new smart phone. The phone is a new RedMi 4 and is uncommon around these parts, so my inner hipster relishes in being different to every one else :b

Also another point I want to make is about how hard it is to take truly original pictures. I  sort of understand why photographers take such pride in their work and travel to far away places to get good shots. It’s because a lot of the good pictures have already been taken. There are a ton of sunsets, mountains, and waterfalls(but that doesn’t mean that those types of pictures are bad) A picture, I think, is only as good as the memories it is attached to.

That being said, the camp out was the last GS event that I will be going to. I knew it would come to an end eventually, but they extended an invitation, so I hope I will go to other events like this one in the future.


One thought on “Camp-out photos

  1. Being away from GS is part of your growing up process of accumulating pride and self esteem. Everything you did, do and will do impact your future. Enjoy your journey!!!


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