Welcome to my blog!

I started this blog to earn my Girl Scout Badge in Webdesign, but I faltered when I reached the topic part of that, because what “niche” do I fill exactly? I am still learning about so many things, so the best I can do is to use this as an all purpose sort of blog about me and my life in general.

It might sound boring at first, but here you’ll learn about my life as a student and things I’ve seen/observed, all set against the background of small town America.

Personally, I’m hoping to evoke that feeling of finding loose change on a sidewalk, or of finding an old photograph, in my readers: How did that get there? Who are those kids, and where are they now, 5,10,15 years later?

I find that my blog is best read in chronological order.

Anyway, I hope you like it here! 🙂

(Don’t worry, my blog is not nearly as vague and spacey as this intro is)