Fictional Universes

I have classmates who would kill to be able to live in their favorite fictional universe. (Harry Potter? X-men? Sign me up!) As much as I want to have supernatural powers of some sort, I am more or less content with life in this reality. What bothers me about fictional universes is that the main … Continue reading Fictional Universes


Christmas Break

Gosh! Its been awhile since I've last wrote. Not much is new. The apostrophe/quotation mark key on my Chromebook isn't working, so it looks like this: ´ or ¨. I should probably get that looked at. I´m on break now, but even though its December I don't think that it will snow anytime soon, which … Continue reading Christmas Break


There's a moment of stillness when I'm outdoors its cloudy, but there is light shining through I notice how timeless everything is my friends' laughter, the sound of birds, How temporary it all is a gentle gust of wind swoops upward past me past everyone and everything rustling the grass affectionately, lifting up my spirits … Continue reading Joy

Flower Beds

I am running out of space to bury my dead pets. The places that are easy to dig, anyway. "Poppy!" I hollered at my puppy dog to stop digging up Boyo from his recent and shallow grave. She shied away as I carried a shovel towards the flowerbed in progress. Living on a farm, the … Continue reading Flower Beds