Christmas Break

Gosh! Its been awhile since I've last wrote. Not much is new. The apostrophe/quotation mark key on my Chromebook isn't working, so it looks like this: ´ or ¨. I should probably get that looked at. I´m on break now, but even though its December I don't think that it will snow anytime soon, which … Continue reading Christmas Break


English Class Sofas

I've noticed that several English classes in my school have a reading corner filled with books and a sofa, but I never have enough time to kick back and read them carefreely. That's probably because I take hours to choose a suitable book to read.


I've always wanted to start scrap booking, and for a while I thought I had. I called it my "portfolio of sentimentally important things" (but I'm thinking about a name change.) Looking online though, everyone's definition of scrap booking is completely different from mine, because while they have books with lovely font, paper and photographs, … Continue reading Scrapbooking